Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the programs and services needed to eliminate the killing of at-risk animals due to lack of space, adopter or foster.

About San Antonio Pets Alive!

San Antonio Pets Alive! is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Due to alarming euthanasia rates, San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) was founded in 2012.  SAPA! is unique—it is the only high paced, high-volume rescue in San Antonio, saving 6,000 at-risk cats and dogs annually.

Since its inception, SAPA! has saved more than 50,000 dogs and cats. SAPA! provides safety nets for the dogs and cats that fall through the cracks of all other lifesaving options and end up on the euthanasia lists, often with just hours to be saved. SAPA! promotes the availability of these dogs and cats to other rescues, adopters and fosters.

San Antonio Pets Alive! by the Numbers:

  • Has saved more than 50,000 lives since its inception in 2012
  • Rescues around 6,000 animals from euthanasia every year
  • Transports more than 1,000 to new lives annually
  • Gives a second chance to more than 500 puppies suffering from Parvovirus each year
  • Saves 1,000 orphaned kittens through its neonatal program each year

In 2019, San Antonio Pets Alive:

  • Saved 5,131 dogs and cats
  • Found 3,095 dogs and cats forever families
  • Transported 550 dogs to new lives up North
  • Provided 1,368 orphaned kittens and puppies with lifesaving care
  • Gave 349 parvovirus puppies a second chance

SAPA! Timeline

SAPA! was founded

Jan 2012

SAPA! moved to Building 1 at Animal Care Services

Jun 2012

Petco Foundation Adoption Center Grand Opening

Apr 2014

10,000th Life Saved

May 2014

20,000th Life Saved

Feb 2015

30,000th Life Saved

Jul 2016

PetSmart Every day Adoption Center Grand Opening

Nov 2016

Headin’ Home Transport Program began with first ground transport

Dec 2016

Headin’ Home Transport Program’s first air transport

May 2017

Staycation Program began

Nov 2017

40,000th Life Saved

Mar 2018

Tail Blazer hits the road for its first ground transport

Apr 2019