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Rincewind Domestic Mediumhair, gray 4 years old Special needs: FIV+ Rincewind is a special cat who barely survived a difficult joint infection on three of his feet. He walks with flat feet and gets achy in the cold. He loves being close by when blankets are out and enjoys lounging. Though he's had a bit of life on the street, he is only 4 years old and still loves to play. Rincewind is very close with his best friend Galileo SAPA-A-53573. We sent Galileo to the adoption center to be adopted, and Rincewind's health took a sharp downturn. When Galileo was brought back, assuming Rincewind deserved the comfort of a friend in his last days, Rincewind instantly felt better and was back to eating and playing and enjoying sunbeams again. While they aren't always snuggling, the two do keep constant tabs on each other and Galileo will let us know if Rincewind isn't feeling well. Rincewind and his roommate Galileo are FIV+. Cats with FIV can still live normal length lives (as Galileo is expected to), however Rincewind also has suspected lymphoma. FIV can only be transmitted to cats via bite wounds, and Rincewind should not be homed with non-FIV+ cats. He is on 4 medications each day, but has been doing great with the current treatment for nearly a year. He may have a lot of life left to give and certainly has a lot of love left to give. If you would like to give a home to both Rincewind and Galileo, apply for adoption today.

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