When you adopt a cat, you save a life.

Please have a look at all the amazing cats and kittens we have for adoption in our centers and our foster program. If you would like more information on a pet found here please email Be sure to include the pet’s name and ID# in the subject line. In the email please include your phone number and email address and someone will contact you as soon as possible. (Please allow 24 hours for return contact)

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TLDR: needs quiet home and daily medication, loves life, pets, and play When Barry Bluejeans came to his foster home, he had limited mobility in his back legs, couldn't pee by himself, and couldn't be touched on his back legs without crying. It took weeks of worrying if he was going to make it before he started to pee on his own. Now he is an active kitty who loves playing, jumping for toys, and having his rump scratched. He is exceptionally affectionate and will jump in a lap and curl up purring as soon as a lap becomes available. Barry Bluejeans is still on medication to help him be able to pee and reduce pain, and he may occasionally make messes; overall he loves life and is a good sport when taking his meds. He has a second chance at life and would love to have his own home where he can run around and look out the windows. Barry Bluejeans is nervous and gets overwhelmed with other pets around. A quiet home would be best for this sweet cat. Do you have a calm home, a little patience, and some extra care to share for a cat who loves to be appreciated and shows a unique zest for life? Barry Bluejeans could be the cat for you.

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