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Hi, my name is Echo! My Foster Mommy and Daddy say that my siblings and I are special babies! We were rescued a mere 30 minutes from certain doom because there wasn't any room for us, but Mommy and Daddy don't like to talk to us about it much because they said that would've deprived the world of, as they say, VERY, VERY, VERY SPECIAL KITTIES. We are very personable and all of us love our doggy siblings! We love to snuggle with them and even the big Shepperd and Plot Hound (as well Chihuahuas) clean us! So, fyi if you have a doggy, please make sure they like kitties too! We like hugs and kissies and to lay on the bed with Mom and Dad. We learned our potty habits perfectly too! I'm the most athletic I'm told and although I'm the same age as my brother and sister I'm a little bigger. However, I've always been the most mellow and never put out my claws when I was learning how to act as a bottle baby because I'm just a big softy Mom says! I'm more independent and am usually on an adventure until I get tuckered out and pass out on a chair. My name is Echo because I'm a big fan of Star Wars the Clone Wars and also Bad Batch which I watch with my Daddy on Disney Plus. Like Echo on the show, I overcame having to be bottle fed and weaknesses but never gave up. Now like him I'm unstoppable! I really like hugs and will go wherever you are because like Echo on the show I'm very loyal. So, If you want a big love bug like me, and like Star Wars as much as I (though not a deal breaker if you don't ) then please, please, please let Mommy or Daddy know so we can hurry up and begin our adventures together!

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