When you adopt a cat, you save a life.

Please have a look at all the amazing cats and kittens we have for adoption in our centers and our foster program. If you would like more information on a pet found here please email Be sure to include the pet’s name and ID# in the subject line. In the email please include your phone number and email address and someone will contact you as soon as possible. (Please allow 24 hours for return contact)

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Hi, I'm Kudo and I am 8 weeks old. I enjoy being where the people are, although I am okay spending time in a comfortable confined space if needed (i.e., separate room or kennel.) I love to spend my days running around, exploring, and playing with my brother. If you're ever wondering where I've gone, it's likely I have found a small dark space to crawl into. I also like to burrow under your leg and in your lap. Because I am such a playful kitten, I am usually the first to fall asleep! Other times you may find me next to you on the couch. My foster parents would describe me as "active, "independent, and a "prowler. Some say my big blue/green eyes make me look like a lemur. I am currently in a household with a medium and small sized dog and 1 year old human. I am perfectly fine maneuvering my way around all activity levels and dog sniffs. I love to sneak up on my brother when he least expects it. Although I am having a lot of fun, I'd love to find my forever home. Come get lost in my big "lemur" eyes. Please consider me as your new family member! -Good with toddlers -Good with dogs -Super playful -Litter box trained -Okay with being picked up whenever/wherever -Lap lounger/burrower -Active/Independent spurts of play -Avid explorer -Frequent purrer -Potential pest controller

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