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Espresso is a cutie pie full of one-year old energy. Espresso is a short haired brown retriever/lab mix with white highlights and only weighs 45 pounds, which is likely as big as he'll get. Eso is up-to-date with all his shots. He is currently learning how to be crated (and will sleep just fine through the night in his crate), how to sit, and how to play fetch (though he still is a little lenient to give up his toy unless you trade him for a treat). He absolutely loves treats and being called a good boy. And don't even get me started on cuddling! Eso loves to cuddle at any time of the day. If you were to meet him, he might bark at you and act intimidating, but that's only because he's a little fearful of strangers, but that's something we are working on, and he's getting better every day. He warms up to people very quickly though after he's smelled your hand and received pets or treats. We are teaching him to not jump up on people when he meets them because he's still in puppy mode. Espresso is quite a darling dog and would love to have someone to play fetch with and spend the day with. Message me if you any questions. 636-875-4576. Contact- Elise. "When we got home, he seemed a bit frantic with all the noise (there were children playing in the street). He kept running into things with his cone and freezing after he did. Only after I brought him inside and closed the door, did he calm down enough to explore. "He sniffed all the rooms and then proceeded to pee on the floor. When I scolded him, he seemed apologetic, nuzzling my arm with his head. I took him outside, and thankfully he finished his business. My husband got home not too long after that, and Eso went to say him. He sniffed him twice and then proceeded to sit in his lap for pets and fall asleep sitting up. "He really is a good dog. A little rough around the edges, but still quite a find. His problems are that he doesn't know common commands like sit or stay or down and he begged a lot for food while we were eating. "He met some friends of ours and adjusted quite quickly. He was very gentle with them, licking fingers and softly nudging for more attention. "We had a rough time getting him settled down because he wanted to follow us, so one of us would try to stay with him while the other got ready for bed. He wanted to sleep with us and we tried to get him to use his dog bed. It was a constant battle that lasted all night. When I finally gave up in the morning after my husband left, Eso came up to me and just wanted to cuddle. He's currently passed out on my legs. "Espresso would make a perfect companion animal. He always wants to be near you, touching you if possible (leaning on you, sprawled across you, receiving pets from you) whatever, you name it." I am living in a San Antonio Pets Alive! foster home. By adopting me, you not only give me a new leash on life; you also save the life of an additional pet who can be rescued from euthanasia and placed in foster care. If you are interested in adopting me, please email with my name and ID#. Please allow up to 24 hours to respond, as all fosters work on a volunteer basis. To find out how you can get involved and help turn San Antonio into a no-kill city, please visit

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