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Rexx qualifies for San Antonio Pets Alive's SENIORS for SENIORS program ... his adoption fee is waived for an approved adopter at least 55 years of age! Rexx is an 8yr old Stanford Shire. He is neutered and housebroken. He has been with me about 3 weeks and I have learned a lot about this guy. First off he may look old but he still has plenty of energy. I have 2 other dogs at home and out of the 3 Rexx is the one that prefers to spend more time outside. He enjoys walking and will pull for a couple of minutes while he gets his bearings but after that it is a smooth walk. Rexx is also good with people with special needs, meaning he does not jump up on them or tug while walking. Out in public he is well mannered and will not try to chase other people or bark at them. Home life is pretty relaxed, again he does prefer to be outside playing or laying in the sun but when he is ready to come in he will bark a couple of times. He does like to fetch and play tug war, he also like to rough house with my bigger dog (she is a lab pit mix). My little dog doesn't care for the rough housing so Rexx doesn't bother him or try to play with him as often. He is crate trained and will go to his kennel without crying or fighting, however after 6hrs or so he does get bored and start to cry or bark. Leaving a chew toy and some soft music on while I am at work helps him relax(He likes the Beatles and Nora Jones so far). Speed bumps we have encountered. Rexx gets nervous when there is company over. He will bark and get defensive. It is best to keep him in his kennel or separated by a baby gate and slowly introduce him to your company before allowing him to be loose around your guest. He has abandonment issues and clings on to his owner, once he is introduced to your guest he is much more calm and ready for pets and attention. He cries if you are out of eye sight but with time and patience he will out grow that. He also cries on car rides, I feel he thinks you are going to take him back to the shelter. You have to soothe him on the way to your destination but once he sees that you are not going to abandon him, he cheers up and enjoys the rest of his trip. This pup would do best in a home with a yard and kids or other dogs to play with. He is old but act like he is 4yrs old. He would benefit from an owner that can walk him at least 2 times a week if not more and can play fetch. He does very well inside but he is an active dog who enjoys the sun. Inside he likes to be close to you and will randomly stare at you until he grows tired then he will lay down facing you to make sure you are there when he wakes up. He does not chew shoes or furniture and does not mess with the trash can. H loves tummy rubs and laying in bed with you or on the couch and if he is not allowed on the furniture then he will only lay down on his blanket. Rexx is ready to part of a family and give all his love. He is such a sweet boy and very smart. If he spills his food he will go and pick it all up. He is the first dog I see clean his own mess. I am currently located at San Antonio Pets Alive! and I am in a foster home. By adopting me, you not only give me a new leash on life; you also save the life of the additional dog who can be rescued from euthanasia and placed in foster care. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption application found on the website at After we pre-screen your application we will connect you with the pet. Send an e-mail to with pet's name and ID# for other questions. Please allow us up to 24 hours to respond because all fosters work with us on a volunteer basis. To find out how you can get involved and help turn San Antonio into a no-kill city, please visit us at

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