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Pearl is very sweet-tempered and mild-mannered. She is also people-friendly and dog-friendly. She has shown low energy indoors, and between low to medium energy outdoors. She is deaf but learns with hand signals and is very attentive looking for your cues. Good with dogs? Yes, gets along well with her foster brother (2YO) and foster sister (7YO). Training commands: knows hand signal for SIT. Pearl is beginning to understand the hand signals for OUTSIDE and TREAT. still working on having her follow command consistently. She is very treat motivated. Personal history, if known? I don't know much about her previous history. I was told she was owner surrendered but I do not know how long she had been owned or what her living situation was. Characteristics Cuddling behavior/affection level? Very affectionate. The closer she can get to you, the happier she is. Play behavior and favorite toys? Loves toys. With soft toys (stuffed animals), she will swing them around from side to side, throw them in the air then "fetch them. Pearl especially loves hard toys, bones and things to chew on. She also likes interactive dog toys filled with treats. Activity level? Moderate/high. Pearl can be a couch potato however she has 2 foster siblings, one of which is relatively equal to her in size and age, who keep her active and busy. I can't say how or what her activity level will be without at least one other pet around. Best adjectives to describe Pearl? Pearl is extremely sweet and a huge cuddle bug. If you allow her to, she will crawl into your lap (or on top of you) on the couch and fall asleep in a tight ball next to (or on top of) you. Best qualities? She is very loving and loyal. She will become very attached to her human(s). Favorite things about Pearl? Her personality. In the few weeks I've had her, she has opened up a great deal and bloomed from the scared and timid dog she was to a funny, sweet and mischievous girl. Cute behaviors? When playing with other dogs, she will jump excitedly in a circle. Pearl also likes to shove her butt into people/animals to get their attention or get them to play. Favorite physical characteristic(s)? Pearls eyes are very pretty. They are a tan color but in the sunlight, they almost look gold. Leash training: Great improvement. Have done a few small training sessions at Lowes using a correction collar. Pulled on her leash at first but with the collar and positive reinforcement (and a lot of treats), Pearl began to walk much better at my side and is learning to look at me for cues. Still needs more training sessions, but I'm very pleased with her progress. House training: Doing much better but still has an occasional accident. Doesn't give cues when she wants to go outside in the morning but will do a little "dance" when she needs to go at night. Will sometimes soil her crate if left along for long. still a work in progress. Training commands: Knows hand signals for SIT, EYES, TREAT, LEAVE IT, and OUTSIDE. Understands OFF, BACK UP, COME, and WAIT but still working on following them consistently. Cute behavior: Loves to burrow under covers and sleep next to her people. Notes: Do NOT use light to train or distract. Pearl is very sensitive to lights and shadows and becomes fixated on them. //// Still follows her people but doesn't scratch at doors as much anymore. She does whine and gets visibly anxious if her people leave her sight, however. //// VERY curious. If she gets loose, she moves fast sniffing at everything. Still working on curbing that behavior. Ideal home for Pearl? One with a yard to run around and at least one other dog.

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