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Martha is a sweet, snuggly senior lady who wants nothing more than to cuddle with you on the couch while you watch your favorite shows. She gets along well with other dogs, and mostly is a mingler, however there are a select few pooches she will choose to chase around the yard to play with. She enjoys sunning herself in the yard while you enjoy an iced tea on the porch, going for walks around the neighborhood and following you around the house to keep you company. She does well in a crate, although may initially vocalize when you first leave, but settles down in a few minutes and sleeps. She rides very well in the car and is friendly with all humans she has met. Martha has shown some light resource guarding from other dogs during mealtimes so would require a separate, secure area for mealtimes away from other dogs to relax and enjoy her meal. She also can be a bit of a door dasher, so keep an eye out with those open doorways while you exit while she continues to work on her polite "wait" at the door. If you're looking for a mellow foster girl who lives for couch snuggles then Martha is your girl!"

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