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Pet's Name/ID: Fiona 58577 Fiona came across my feed on a Friday night. It was an urgent plea from SAPA for a dog stuck in the pound. Her eyes were too much for me, I knew I had to get that sweet girl out of there! I closed the office down early that next day in order to make it over to see her. Her tail was stuck between her legs and she kept her head down. She was so afraid and shut down. She had around a hundred scabs, scars and open wounds. Fiona had likely been in some type of dog fights, by the scars, possibly a lot of dog fights. She followed the girl from SAPA and walked to an area with me and my rat terrier. I sat down on the ground and she just put her head down and snuggled up to me. All she wanted was to be comforted. I immediately said yes to fostering but couldn't get her until the following week due to her needing to be spayed. My heart hurt for her, but I knew she was safe. The next day I took her a blanket and went to visit her again. I reminded her she was coming home with me that next week and that nobody would ever hurt her or let her be hurt again. I've included the photo I first saw of her in this bio. It shows how far she has come in just a few weeks. Fiona is, without a doubt, the best foster I've ever had. In fact, if she isn't adopted soon, I might not be able to hold out from adopting her. She is 100% potty trained and has never had an accident in the house. She is leash trained, has let me bath her, cut her nails and file them. More importantly though, she has never shown any aggression to any of my other dogs, cats or humans. The cats really like her which is strange for them. She has a gentle heart! She's kind even when my rat terrier is a loud brat and steals her treats. She seems grateful to be in a home, loves to snuggle and wants to be with people all the time. She's a big baby. She has only barked once at the neighbors from the back porch. She's a very quite dog. She is working on crate training, I still have to pick her up to put her in it, but she sleeps there at night with her pillow and blanket. When I go to wake her up in the morning she's so happy! Her tail wags faster than anything I've ever seen and it's adorable. Fiona's scabs are all gone, she's getting really great nutrition and her fur is starting to come back in places it was missing. She will always have some of the scars from what happened to her, but it didn't damage her loving soul. She is a beautiful dog and has the biggest heart! Someone is going to be so lucky to have her in their life, her loyalty will be unmeasurable!

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