Established in 2012, San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) is a 501I(3) nonprofit organization created specifically to work in partnership with San Antonio Animal Care Services to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in San Antonio.

The only organization of its kind in San Antonio, SAPA! has saved more than 47,000 dogs and cats slated for euthanasia at the city shelter. Our programs save the kinds of pets that take a little more work to make ready for adoption: puppies with parvovirus, neonatal kittens, cats with ringworm, and dogs with behavior issues. Our goal is to continue to create new programs for at-risk populations until every animal that can be saved is saved.

SAPA! focuses solely on pets that have arrived at the city shelter with no other options. We wait until other local shelters, rescues and agencies pull animals for adoption in their own programs, and then we pull from those that remain. Our programs target animals that other organizations may not have the resources to treat or house, and our foster network supplements the limited kennel and cage space available at our facilities.

We need help from the community so we can continue our life-saving work!

SAPA!’s core programs are:

  • Foster Program:SAPA!’s robust and extensive foster program provides safe and stable home environments for animals awaiting adoption. Placement into foster homes increases our overall capacity, providing more opportunities to save lives in San Antonio.
  • Headin’ Home Transport Program: 14 times a year, SAPA! secures rescue partners in the Northern U.S. where we send dogs to no-kill shelters in communities who want and need them.  Dogs transport are those who are continually overlooked by adopters here in San Antonio.
  • Orphaned Kitten and Puppy Care:This program helps meet the needs of the thousands of kittens and puppies that enter shelters in San Antonio each year. They require a high level of care due to their age and medical issues, thus making them vulnerable for euthanasia.
  • Medical Clinic: Our medical clinic provides care and treatment for animals we’ve adopted, those in foster awaiting adoption, and the San Antonio community at large. Everything from vaccinations to heartworm preventative, as well as treatment for injuries large and small, is provided by our veterinary and technical staff.

Yes! SAPA! provides a complete medical workup, including spay/neuter for every animal prior to adoption. This reduces the financial burden on the adopter, and ensures that placed animals do not contribute to pet overpopulation in our community.

SAPA! is funded by revenue from programs, support from corporate and foundation donors, contributions from supporters, and municipal contracts with the City of San Antonio.

Thank you for your support. Please mail-in donations to P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283 or donate online here.

Yes, we are a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our EIN # is 45-4141531.

No, San Antonio Pets Alive! focuses solely on the dogs and cats on the euthanasia list at the city municipal shelter.

Before taking to a shelter, please:

  1. Get the pet scanned for a microchip at your closest veterinarian office, pet store or animal shelter
  2. Take clear photos of the pet and post on the following online and social media outlets:
    1. PawBoost
    2. Petfinder
    3. SAPets.com
    4. Finding Rover
    5. Next Door Pet Directory
    6. Lost Dogs, Cats and Pets
    7. Lost Dogs of SA

Please reach out to the following no-kill shelters, all intake is based on available space:

  • San Antonio Humane Society (210) 226-7461
  • Animal Defense League of Texas (210) 655-1481
  • God’s Dogs Rescue

If there is no space at the above facilities, please call Animal Care Services at (210) 207-4738.

Low cost vaccinations



  • Spay Neuter Assistance Program (210) 673-7722
  • PetShotz (210) 735-1004
  • Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic (210) 226-7461
  • SNIPSA (210) 237-9400
  • Animal Defense League (210) 655-1481
  • Animal Care Services

Dental care

  • PetShotz (210) 735-1004

Pet food pantry