Become a kennel sponsor with San Antonio Pets Alive!

Kennel sponsorship allows us to provide basic necessities, enrichment, medical care, and adoption marketing for the dogs and cats that occupy the kennel, the ward, or the playroom spaces throughout the year! You can choose to sponsor a single kennel, a playroom, or even a whole ward in our medical clinic. Your gift to the pets in these spaces will ensure that they are cared for year-round and are provided with second chances to find their forever families. Each kennel sponsorship is valid for a period of twelve months.

Sponsorship Options: 
Select a kennel sponsorship that fits your budget!

  • Cat Kennel - $300/yr
  • Dog Kennel - $500/yr
  • Isolation Kennel - $1,000/yr
  • Upper Respiratory Infection Ward - $3,000/yr (Two social media features per year.)
  • Heartworm Ward - $5,000/yr (Two social media features per year.)
  • Parvovirus Ward - $7,500/yr (Four social media features per year.)
  • General Population Ward - $8,000/yr (Four social media features per year.)
  • Dog Playroom/Playard - $10,000/yr (Five social media features per year.)


What are the benefits of kennel sponsorship?

Kennel sponsors are recognized with a certificate of sponsorship which can be displayed at their home or business and a special sign placed on the kennel they are sponsoring for staff, visitors, and volunteers to see all year long! Sponsors of individuals kennels will receive quarterly email updates of a dog or cat that is occupying their kennel, while sponsors of wards and playrooms/playards are recognized on social media up to four times per year, depending on level of sponsorship.

For more information on kennel sponsorships or to submit a logo/photo for your kennel sign, please email

Kennel Sign Examples: