80% of the dogs and cats we save from euthanasia need some sort of medical care. Some require more extensive treatments and/or surgeries, and we need your help to get them the treatment they need!

davin teeth

Davina needs dental extractions ASAP!


Davina suffering from heartworms, however she cannot start receiving treatment until her dental extractions have taken place*! If a dog isn’t on a preventative, after being bitten by an infected mosquito, worms begin to grow around the heart until they eventually kill the dog. So it is critical to treat as soon as possible.

tooth2 tooth1

Samantha needs a mass removal and histopathology test

GOAL: $500 | CURRENTLY AT: $335

Samantha is a beautiful, loving 10-year-old girl who has a large mass on her gums. The mass may be cancerous so Samantha needs it removed. Then the mass will then be sent for a histopathology test (an examination of the tissue) to see if it is cancer.