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Babe can't hold her excitement in! We've "waived" goodbye to her adoption fee and are saying hello to her new life as your ONE & ONLY!

With the cutest little tail wag, Babe is a beauty that will propel her way into your heart. The instant you praise and tell her how pretty she is, her tail starts whirling a million miles per hour! She's a love bug who hops at the chance to give as much love as she receives.

You're guaranteed to feel appreciated with this happy-go-lucky girl snuggling with you every single day!

Let Babe give you a puppy dog kiss today at our Petsmart Fourwinds Adoption Center, 8520 Fourwinds Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78239.

wilbur-pitbull wilbur-pitbull-2


Wilbur is excited because his adoption fees are waived! He's ready to be your one and only pal. Wilbur is such a smartie! He knows how to sit and stay and loves to play!

The fastest way to his big heart is through tennis balls. He’s a good boy and will love you forever if you play with him! Wilbur is so sophisticated and sweet that he needs a home all to himself with adult humans. He’d love to have intellectual debates with you over a stimulating game of fetch the tennis ball!

Are you ready to give Wilbur all your love and all the tennis balls? Give him a visit at our Petsmart Four Winds Adoption Center, 8520 Fourwinds Dr, Windcrest, TX 78239 or email

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Canela is full of sugar and spice and everything nice! She wants to be your ONE & ONLY! Making her your BFF is so easy. Why? Her adoption fees are waived!

Canela leaps at the opportunity to make friends with everyone she meets and can’t wait to shower you with loads of kisses.
Canela's infectious smile is sure to lift you up any time of the day!

Canela can't wait to be your one and only cuddle buddy and pet in the family. Let her overload you with love at our clinic on 9107 Marbach Road, Suite 109, San Antonio, Texas 78245.

For more information: or visit to learn more about Canela!

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Max wants to be your one and only. Lovin' him just got a whole lot easier because his adoption fees are waived!

This 4-year-old is a MAX-imum mix of love, adventure and charm. Watch out! He wins the hearts of everyone he meets! Max is a great leash walker and is a total ham for attention and treats. You'll never be worried about trouble brewing with Max by your side. He's one of the happiest dogs you'll ever meet and lights up when you bring out his favorite thing in the world: beef treats!

Max has a lot of love to give and wants to be your one and only (pet) in the family. Come get free kisses from Max at our clinic, 9107 Marbach Road, Suite 109, San Antonio, Texas 78245.