Hello Rescue Partners! We welcome other 501c3 rescues to Partner with us to save lives from the city shelter.

What we provide for our partners:

If you partner with SAPA! to save animals on the euthanasia list we do provide the following and there is no pull fee:

  • HW test on dogs 6 months or older – Exception: dogs that are fractious may not be tested to avoid any risk of injuries to SAPA! Staff.
  • Observed temperament and basic medical information – Diagnostic abilities are limited at SAPA!/ACS. Medical treatments are limited to basic triage until rescue can take to your private veterinarian for a more thorough evaluation.
  • Microchip – Paperwork for chip registration will be sent with pick-up, bundled with other hard-copy paperwork. Exception: Dogs that are fractious may not be microchipped to avoid any risk of injuries to SAPA! staff.
  • Vaccinations (BORD\ADEN\PAR\DHPP\RABIES) – Vaccines given are age-appropriate, boosters etc., must be continued at your private vet.
  • Preventatives are brought current (flea/tick/heartworm/de-wormer) – You may follow up with your private vet for continuation of HW preventative and de-worming. Exception: SAPA! staff may not be able to safely administer these preventatives, they may be sent with the pick-up for rescue to administer.
  • Spay/Neuter – Exceptions: if the dog is denied surgery by the shelter veterinarian due to, space limitations, illness, age or physical condition, then dog may leave with a surgery waiver and you may have altered at your private vet, you may also schedule surgery at ACS/151 as space is available.

How To Apply:

1) Please have the Rescue Director complete the application though the Hello Sign link:

2) Then please email the following documents to :

  • Your IRS 501c3 approval letter (or Canadian Charity Registry Documents)
  • A vet letter of reference
  • Your adoption and foster contract/applications.
  • Most recent finanicals

3) Once your app is complete and we have all your documents we will review your application and let you know via email if you are a new approved partner.

View Urgent Shelter Pets Here:

Released animals are posted in our Facebook “SOS! Album” as the city Shelter Releases animals, SOS! ALBUM! This can be between 10:00-11:00am & 5pm M-F. Then 9:30-10:30 am & 3 pm Sat.

Tagging Animals

If you see any urgent animals you would like to help, or have any questions regarding rescue partnership, please email with the ID and name of the animal you are interested in!