Help us send a plane or truck full of wagging tails to happier trails.

With your help, these lucky dogs are Headin’ Home!

Our Transport program, Headin’ Home, is the fastest growing life-saving program in SAPA!’s toolbox. Headin’ Home transports dogs to rescue partners in other states that don’t have the pet overpopulation problems that exist in Texas. Specifically, the lives saved belong to dogs slated for euthanasia at the San Antonio city shelter. These dogs, primarily large adults, would have a hard time finding homes in San Antonio, but are desired in other areas of the United States. Rather than these dogs taking their last breath here, they are given new hope, a new life, and a new family. Dogs transported to rescue partners are assessed medically and behaviorally, then matched to adopters. Most dogs are adopted within 1 week of arrival, and generally the entire group is adopted within 2 weeks of arrival! SAPA!’s transport program operates within best practice guidelines for rescue transportation. SAPA! only sends dogs who meet guidelines set by the receiving shelters, all of which are registered nonprofits.

Our northern transports are only possible with the help of our Sleepover Foster Parents! Host a Transport dog in your home for a very short time: 1-3 weeks (or even just a few days!) By letting a dog sleepover at your house for a few nights, you are saving TWO lives: the one you take home, which allows us to save another dog from euthanasia immediately! To find out more about fostering a transport dog please email: placement@sanantoniopetsalive.org.


Success stories of Headin' Home

ZOE | before


ZOE | after

Sweet Zoe came into the city shelter and sadly found herself on the euthanasia list. SAPA saved Zoe and although she was quiet and unsure at first, it didn't take long for her to warm up and start wagging her tail- and we saw that sweet personality come out! Zoe was selected for our transport program, she enjoyed her time in her temporary foster home, and then she was off to her new future in Portland, OR. She was adopted to a wonderful home, and is enjoying her first summer in the Pacific Northwest!


HEIDI | before


HEIDI | after

Heidi was a quiet girl when she came into the shelter. She would curl up on her bed to try to make herself look small. Hundreds of people must have walked by her kennel, without noticing her and sadly she ended up on the euthanasia list. She was rescued by SAPA and was found to be heartworm positive. She was treated by SAPA for her heartworms, and then she was ready for her forever home up north! Heidi was adopted to an amazing family that loves to take her out hiking, and she had a blast on the beach! She snores when she naps and is the best snuggler! 


TOBY | before


TOBY | after

Toby was brought into the city shelter in extremely rough condition. He was emaciated,had a severe skin infection, and was missing quite a bit of fur. It was clear that he had been neglected and left to fend for himself on the streets for a long time. Toby landed on the euthanasia list at the city shelter and the his future looked bleak. SAPA looked past his sad appearance, and quickly noticed how sweet Toby was, despite not receiving much love or care in his past. Toby was brought into our SAPA Transport program and was sent to a temporary foster home, where he relaxed and felt truly loved for the first time. A couple of weeks later, Toby jumped on the transport trailer and headed to his forever home in Portland, Oregon. Now Toby looks like a completely different dog! His coat is healthy and soft, and he has truly struck the jackpot with his new parents that adore him! He regularly goes hiking, admiring the amazing views of the Pacific Northwest.


OZZY | before


OZZY | after

Ozzy was a tiny 5 pound puppy that was found on the side of a busy road prior to coming into the city shelter. He had a severe case of sarcoptic mange, and a severe skin infection. Because of his contagious skin condition, little Ozzy was put on the euthanasia list. SAPA quickly rescued him and sent him to a foster home that specializes in these types of cases. Within a few weeks of care, medicine, and good nutrition- Ozzy's fur was growing back and he was no longer itchy or contagious! He was becoming a bouncy, happy puppy and it was time for him to go on transport to his home up north. Ozzy now "works" from home with his mom, and gets to enjoy multiple walks a day! He enjoys hiking on the weekends, and is growing up to be a smart pup- learning lots of tricks and obedience. He has come along way, and his rough beginning is just a distant memory.  A full and happy life is all that is ahead for sweet Ozzy now!