What programs does SAPA! offer?

SAPA!’s core programs are: Foster Program:SAPA!’s robust and extensive foster program provides safe and stable home environments for animals awaiting adoption. Placement into foster homes increases our overall capacity, providing more opportunities to save lives in San Antonio. Headin’ Home Transport Program: 14 times a year, SAPA! secures rescue partners in the Northern U.S. where we send […]

Which pets do you save?

SAPA! focuses solely on pets that have arrived at the city shelter with no other options. We wait until other local shelters, rescues and agencies pull animals for adoption in their own programs, and then we pull from those that remain. Our programs target animals that other organizations may not have the resources to treat […]

Who is San Antonio Pets Alive!?

Established in 2012, San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) is a 501I(3) nonprofit organization created specifically to work in partnership with San Antonio Animal Care Services to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in San Antonio. The only organization of its kind in San Antonio, SAPA! has saved more than 47,000 dogs and cats […]